Kustum_Krete_CMYKThe KUSTUM KRETE SP Heat Retentive Pool Wall System is Pool Pros’ exclusive and revolutionary new system for building swimming pools. The process is comprehensive and covers the entire pool building project, specifically the pool walls, pool bottom and the concrete deck.

Let’s Start with the Pool Walls.KK Forms-overhead 350X235

Each KUSTUM KRETE SP Process pool begins with a unique concrete wall system. With our exclusive forms system, we can configure the walls to build any size or shape pool imaginable, on almost any terrain! The concrete poured walls are thicker and stronger than anything on the market today.

  • solid ten inch think concrete walls
  • full four foot wall height (six inches higher than conventional package pools)
  • heavy 4000 PSI poured monolithic wall layoutfinished poured walls 350X235
  • structurally reinforced with an interior steel grid
  • far stronger than premium pool kit


  • will not rust
  • cannot buckle
  • will not corrode
  • cannot collapse
  • are impervious to damages associated with salt generators, ground electrolysis, acid rain or chlorine products
  • provide structural support for the concrete decking, minimizing settling and cracking

The Pool BottomPoolBottom retouched350X235

The KUSTUM KRETE SP pool bottom is among the thickest and most durable in the swimming pool industry.

To start, we utilize what is referred to as a “Central Mix” process. This process begins at the actual concrete plant and provides product uniformity. The mixing process takes place at the plant, not in the truck or at the pool location. This special pool bottom is a formulation of Type 1 Portland Cement (meeting all ASTM requirements), an evenly distribute stabilizer and high quality masonry sand.

The process:

  • removes the guess work from individual concrete truck operators
  • eliminates mixing errors associated with portable mixers
  • allows for a smooth, glass-like surface

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The Vinyl LiningVinyl Liner350X235

We install the highest quality virgin vinyl liners in our KUSTUM KRETE SP swimming pools. We use American manufacturers exclusively, not the commonly available foreign vinyl. Our beautiful liners are sun-resistant, durable and are backed by the best warranties in the industry.

Decking and Walks

The KUSTUM KRETE SP system allows for concrete decking that is 100% stronger than traditional pool patios. Our unique bracing system image14Decking350X235utilizes extra thick steel rebar which is strategically placed for uniform and even concrete pouring. This process maximizes deck strength and minimizes settling.

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