Retractable Pool and Spa Enclosures

Let Pool Pros and Pool and Spa Enclosures turn your dreams into reality with an elegantly designed retractable pool or spa enclosure.  Enjoy your pool and spa all year in the often unpredictable weather conditions with a retractable enclosure.

Thanks to an advanced sliding system you can slide individual segments in both directions (segments are not locked into each other – that way you can move each segment freely) In matter of minutes the whole enclosure can be retracted back away from the swimming pool area. When the segments are pushed together you can create a useful storage space that it is protected from wind and offers a convenient area for garden furniture or relaxation with family and friends.

There are different enclosure heights for your specific needs; Low, Medium-High and High.

LOW – If you like the idea of a swimming pool enclosure and all its benefits but you are not so keen on a high structure, then what you need is a low height enclosure. Thanks to the side sliding door you can comfortably enter your pool while the enclosure is fully closed.

Medium-High – Medium-height line designs provide widely applicable enclosure solutions that do not hinder the view of the landscape or garden surrounding the pool. Additionally, they allow not only for swimming comfort
under a fully covered pool, but also – thanks to their higher structural design – for free movement in the central part of the roofed area.

HIGH – High pool enclosures provide you with freedom of movement around the enclosed pool making it a perfect solution for sheltered swimming and sitting for family and friends.

Standard Pool Universe – By mass producing fixed sizes with set features we are able to pass the saving on to you in the form of lower pricing.

In full agreement with the latest design, construction and safety trends, Pool and Spa Enclosures LLC. brings a line of retractable pool enclosures for a low price. These styles allow for the latest features such as security locks, modern segment sealing and elegantly designed profiles in the standard line.

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