In Western Pennsylvania, pool builders have long struggled over the years contending with its rolling hills. The terrain found here is far from conducive for inground pools. Flat backyards are not the norm. Most properties have some level of grade differential requiring retaining walls or other grading considerations. Swimming pool installations are further compounded by groundwater conditions, clay, and bedrock. 

Pool Pros offers an exclusive system known as Kustum Krete SP™. This trademarked system utilizes poured concrete wall similar to contemporary poured foundations, only thicker and heavier and with steel rebar to add to the structural support. These concrete pool walls may be customized and extended adding tremendous strength to the pool as well as eliminating the need for retaining walls.

The Kustum Krete pool can be built in virtually any backyard. This type of concrete wall system is often utilized by elite pool builders as seen on the Animal Planet and Discovery channels. 


  • strongest pool walls available  
  • indefinite lifetime 
  • retains heat…drastically reduces pool heating costs 
  • virtually any size or shape 
  • resistant to problems created by groundwater 

KUSTUM KRETE SP™better yetwe offer this elite concrete pool system with a vinyl lining option, making it affordable in today’s market period. Pool Pros has been awarded a registered trademark for this unique system. As previously mentioned, the Kustum Krete pool is especially conducive to the uneven terrain found in western Pennsylvania and may be designed to fit the most difficult back yards.

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